Why We Preserve and How to Help

We have been creating and maintaining this archive with our own resources and hope to be able to do so for years to come! There are four ways you can help the archive's mission: 1) reach out with your expertise and information, 2) tell people about FCTA, 3) donate your objects to our archive, and 4) donate money via PayPal to maddenandsofie (at) gmail.com so we can continue to rescue, restore, and house pieces.

Due to the fast and high turnover of consumer technology, objects are often lost and discarded once they are considered outdated. Although popular electronics companies promote e-waste recycling as an alternative to landfills, this process involves heavy chemicals, exploitative human labor, fumes and emissions (such as those from smelting), and still produces large amounts of waste. E-waste management workers and their communities are exposed to heavy metals and toxic fumes, which create runoff into the surrounding air, water, and soil, in many cases causing serious health problems. In 2014, consumers discarded over 92 billion pounds of electronic waste and Apple collected more than 40,000 tons of e-waste from iPhones alone, including enough steel to lay over 100 miles of railroad track.

Although we can hardly make a dent in the harm and wastefulness, by rejecting the concept that "outdated" technology should be discarded we can extend the lifespans of objects by assigning them cultural and historical value. This project exists to encourage continued use and promote the reuse of technology and reimagine its future potential.