This page is an ongoing catalog of FCTA's collection. It does not (yet) represent everything in our archive.



c.001.2018 iMac G3 with accessories, Pink 1998
c.002.2010 iMac G4 2002
c.003.2012 MacBook Pro AluUni, 15" 2012

.mp3 Players

m.001.2019 iPod Nano 1st Generation, Blk, 4GB 2005
m.002.2019 iPod Nano 1st Generation, Blk, 2GB 2005
m.003.2019 iPod Mini, 1st Generation, Grn, 4GB 2004
m.004.2019 iPod Classic, 3rd Generation, 40GB 2003
m.005.2019 iPod Classic, 3rd Generation, 15GB 2003
m.006.2019 iPod Nano, 2nd Generation, Grn, 4GB 2006
m.007.2019 iPod Shuffle, 1st Generation, 512 MB 2005
m.008.2019 iPod Nano, 3rd Generation, Grn, 8GB 2007

Music Equipment

Visual Media

VHS Collection